Honor Our War Time Veterans

Veterans Advocacy Associates Humble Beginnings

In 2006, Richard Olson, our founder, met and helped an elderly couple apply for a little-known VA benefit called ‘Aid and Attendance.’ After much research and lots of documentation gathering, they were approved and began receiving a monthly check from the VA. This benefit totally changed this couple’s financial future! Richard was pleased to help, but as this is outside of his normal scope of work, he went back to his daily routine. A few of weeks later, he began getting calls from other War Time Veterans asking for his assistance in retaining this benefit. The ‘elderly couple’ were so excited they started sharing their good fortune with their friends!

Four Wooden Rocking Chairs and the American Flag

Fast forward to present day – Veterans Advocacy Associates has assisted thousands of veterans with resources they didn't know existed. We are a non-profit organization that specializes in helping senior veterans get the help they so desperately need. Benefits that help veterans and their surviving spouses pay for overwhelming daily expenses. We work with them to help navigate the ‘VA’ landscape. We pride ourselves in being a ‘resource center’ for our local veteran population directing them to the right department with their questions if we are unable to assist them.